"Please tell Ken Palmer we really appreciated him and all that you folks back east did for North Dakota, and that I personally heard many positive comments on his presentation skills and arborist knowledge. Ken is an asset to the arboriculture industry. The sharing of his knowledge with practicing arborists is helping advance the professionalism of this industry in leaps and bounds. I hope he has success and good fortune in all of his future endeavors. Take care."



How do you get quality hands-on field training close to home?  We come to you!

Increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills with ArborMaster hands-on training modules 

ArborMaster’s goal in its modules is to build confidence and enhance the student’s safety, skill and productivity through more consistent results. We strive to create an environment where students are able to reproduce techniques consistently. 

ArborMaster's hands-on training modules focus not only on the how, but just as importantly, the why behind the methods. Through a systematic, stepped approach, students are taught by top notch instructors who are expert in transferring knowledge and skill. They describe the theory behind the methods and define, analyze and explain the benefits and features of equipment and methods. The student's hands-on experience and practicing under guidance solidifies the learning experience.

Expertise in the areas of:

  • Chainsaw Safety Training, Precision Tree Felling & Safe Handling
  • Tree Climbing, Work Positioning & Best Practice
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Rigging & Dismantling Operations
  • Brush Chipper Safety
  • Ground Skills & Aerial Support
  • Aerial Lift Operations
  • Preparing for Storm Cleanup Operations and Aftermath

How our training programs are delivered: 

ArborMaster offer our programs through both:

  • Private, in-house programs on site at your location - we come to you!
  • Regional open enrollment  programs, which were developed for the smaller organization with typically less than 5-6 crew members.

Programs available in Spanish upon request for private in-house programs.