"Please tell Ken Palmer we really appreciated him and all that you folks back east did for North Dakota, and that I personally heard many positive comments on his presentation skills and arborist knowledge. Ken is an asset to the arboriculture industry. The sharing of his knowledge with practicing arborists is helping advance the professionalism of this industry in leaps and bounds. I hope he has success and good fortune in all of his future endeavors. Take care."

Private In-House Training

On-site at your location

ArborMaster provides our training programs on site at your location.  Depending on the number of participants, conducting the training on site may be the most cost effective option, and allows us the ability to focus the program on the specific training needs of your organization. 

In-house programs have many advantages.
  • Ability to focus the program on the specific training needs of your organization
  • No additional travel time or expenses to consider as done on-site at your location
  • Bring together whole crews/teams to receive training in a consistent manner
  • Skills and knowledge taught become standardized and implemented immediately for the long term
  • Everyone is on the 'same page' when it comes to work practices
  • Offer an excellent team building opportunity that multiplies development benefits
  • Provide opportunities for leaders and managers to become involved in the actual training
  • Demonstrates management's commitment to employee development and improves team morale
  • Helps to build a culture of safety within an organization
  • Expanded course offerings

ArborMaster offers Standard, Custom and Precision hands-on skills training in a wide range of tree care related topics.

We strive to address each client's needs as if they are our own. We work carefully  to understand your particular segment of the industry and the broader environment in which you work. We gain these insights through years of experience and ongoing research, development and learning.   

Standard Modules

We bring our standard, proven training modules to companies and organizations around the country. Our modules are designed so that you can plan and execute a graduated approach from entry level to more advanced levels of skill development for your team.

L1 Tree Climbing Methods and Best Practice (2 day class) L1 Tree Climbing Methods, Work Positioning & Best Practice (3 day class) L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chain Saw Handling and Handling - 2 days L1 Arborist Rigging Applications - 2 days L1 Aerial Lift Arborist Rigging Application L2 Tree Climbing Methods, Work Positioning & Best Practice L2 Precision Tree Felling, Chain Saw Handling, Safety & Ergonomics L2 Arborist Rigging Applications L2 Aerial Lift Arborist Rigging Application L1 Arborist Rigging for Climbers & Aerial Lift Users Aerial Lift Operations Pruning, Cabling & Bracing Emergency Response/Aerial Rescue Ground Skills & Aerial Support Landscape Module - 15' and Below & 15' and Above EHAP (Electrial Hazard Awareness Program) L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chainsaw Safety & Handling - 3 days L1 Arborist Rigging Applications - 3 days Tree Rigging for Precision Tree Felling Operations (5 days)

Custom and Precision Programs

ArborMaster also offers Custom and Precision hands-on skills training in a wide range of tree-related job responsibilities for organizations experiencing knowledge and skill deficiencies. This training can be a stand-alone option, or one component of a larger safety and productivity initiative that ArborMaster can design, in collaboration with you, targeting your specific objectives and needs.

To learn more or to request a proposal, contact us today!