"Please tell Ken Palmer we really appreciated him and all that you folks back east did for North Dakota, and that I personally heard many positive comments on his presentation skills and arborist knowledge. Ken is an asset to the arboriculture industry. The sharing of his knowledge with practicing arborists is helping advance the professionalism of this industry in leaps and bounds. I hope he has success and good fortune in all of his future endeavors. Take care."

Hands-on Module Topics


An organization's success depends on keeping people up-to-date and skilled in the latest concepts and

techniques. Mastering knowledge and skill is essential if people are to work safety and productively.

ArborMaster training modules are designed to provide a focused, hands-on experience to build the skill of the arborist to perform safe and productive tree work. Each course focuses on a specific subject and is designed to build on the knowledge and skills necessary to advance to the next level.

Through a systematic, stepped approach, students are taught not only on the how, but just as importantly, the why behind the methods. Professional instructors define, analyze and explain the benefits and features of equipment and techniques. The students hands-on experience and practicing under expert guidance helps to solidify the learning experience.

ArborMaster training modules are designed to:

  • Build skill and knowledge
  • Educate the student with the how and the why behind the methods and techniques
  • Raise awareness of safety procedures and hazardous situations
  • Follow a systematic, stepped approach from entry level to advanced skills over a period of time
Most ArborMaster modules are 2 and 3 days in duration unless otherwise indicated. Prerequisites are required for some  modules.  Additional topics are available for private-in house training programs.

ArborMaster training modules are not designed to

ArborMaster courses available at Open Enrollment locations

The following list of ArborMaster modules are offered for our regional Open Enrollment courses. Topics and course durations vary from location to location and from year to year. Additional modules and custom courses available for private in-house program


L1 Tree Climbing Methods and Best Practice (2 day class) L1 Tree Climbing Methods, Work Positioning & Best Practice (3 day class) L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chain Saw Handling and Handling - 2 days L1 Arborist Rigging Applications - 2 days L2 Tree Climbing Methods, Work Positioning & Best Practice L2 Precision Tree Felling, Chain Saw Handling, Safety & Ergonomics L2 Arborist Rigging Applications L1 Arborist Rigging for Climbers & Aerial Lift Users
L1 Precision Tree Felling, Chainsaw Safety & Handling - 3 days
L1 Arborist Rigging Applications - 3 days

* Prerequisites apply