" To say that this program is invaluable would be an understatement. As an aborist with seven years experience, I was worried about the prerequisite courses (the level ones) may be a bit juvenile for my needs. These worries proved to be unfounded. As the weeks since the programs have passed, I am finding more and more uses for the knowledge gained. This is a great program for anyone that wants to raise their skill, safety, and productivity. And yes, you WILL benefit from these courses. "
Joe Giansante , Foreman/Safety Director
Quality Tree Surgery, Inc

Educational Resource Links

Buckingham   Oregon   Samson   Silky   Vermeer   Greenworks  

The Buckingham website features great information relating to product instructions, ordering information, catalogs, price lists and much more!

Here are just a few of the many available resources:

There are also several resources available in their video library:


Visit the  ArborMaster Section on the Buckingham website

OREGON's site offers a variety of safety and maintenance information on chain saw chains.  We invite you to check out the great resources on their site!

The Oregon Online Maintenance and Safety Manuel
The premier book on how to use and maintain chainsaw cutting attachments .  Also available in Spanish.

PowerSharp ®
is an easy to use, precision sharpening system that gives chain saw users the power to sharpen their own chain in a matter of seconds with a simple attachment.

Safety & Technical Information

To learn more about OREGON, visit their website at www.oregonchain.com and on Facebook

The Samson site offers many technical resources including articles, case studies and technical bulletins to name just a few!

Samson Arborist Catalog

The site also features the comprehensive Samson Arborist Catalog
which is available to download in it's entirety by visiting the Samson site: www.samsonrope.com
Samson Mobile App now available! Available online at the Apple Store
The Samson rope app is an all-inclusive technical rope guide for enthusiasts and experts alike. Included are the following features:
• A detailed rope inspection checklist
• A guide for evaluating internal and external abrasion
• Library of splice instructions (videos also included)

Samson Arborist Rope Technical Information
We also invite you to download this helpful Samson resource on Arborist Rope Technical Information.  You will find these helpful topics detailed and more.

Special notice:

It has come to Samson's attention that there is some confusion in the marketplace about the published average strength's of Samson's ArborMaster (R) climbing line.  The attached information should provide clarification.

To learn more about Samson, visit their website at: www.samsonrope.com or visit them on YouTube!

The Silky site offers very helpful information regarding the use and care of their products.  Here are some just some of the sections definitely worth the visit:

Silky saws are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards currently available.

Can Silky saw blades be sharpened?
Do Silky saws cut only on the pull stroke?
How should I clean the blade when it's covered in resin?

For more information regarding the Silky organization, we invite you to visit www.SilkySaws.com and on Facebook

Visit the comprehensive Vermeer site to learn about their many products and services, dealer locators, events and much more!  You'll be glad you did!
See Vermeer Equipment in Action
Visit the Vermeer website to enjoy how-to videos, articles and much more. For example, visit the 
Vermeer video library and see Vermeer equipment at work! 

Here's a sample of videos topics to view under Tree Care:

  • Brush Chipper Operations & Safety
  • Stump Cutter Safety Innovations
  • Mini Skid Steers
  • Horizontal Grinders
  • Tub Grinder Operations & Safety
Learn about several things you can do to keep your brush chippers, stump cutters and grinders in optimal working condition, thus prolonging the life of your machine.

Prolonging Machine Life

To learn more about Vermeer, we invite you visit their website at www.Vermeer.com
and on Facebook!

The Greenworks Commercial website features great information relating to product instructions, ordering information, catalogs and much more!

Here is a sampling of the many available resources: