"Please tell Ken Palmer we really appreciated him and all that you folks back east did for North Dakota, and that I personally heard many positive comments on his presentation skills and arborist knowledge. Ken is an asset to the arboriculture industry. The sharing of his knowledge with practicing arborists is helping advance the professionalism of this industry in leaps and bounds. I hope he has success and good fortune in all of his future endeavors. Take care."

Why ArborMaster

1. Dedicated to your success

With a firm commitment to safety, skill & productivity, ArborMaster's focus has always been to help businesses and individuals to achieve results they desire and to manage risk.  Founders Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins instill their passion for industry safety, skill development and productivity in all of their associates and customers  They accomplish this through:

  • a strong belief that mastering basic foundational skills first is the safest, most effective, and best long-term training investment a company or individual came make. 
  • continuous gathering of feedback on services from our students, client management, and instructors

2. You + ArborMaster = High ROI

Working with ArborMaster to address your safety and productivity challenges is an investment in your future. ArborMaster helps you demonstrate a return on your investment tied right to your bottom line. Our proven track record and strong commitment to your success means ArborMaster will be your strongest ally on your journey to safety and productivity.

ArborMaster’s clients can experience returns that far exceed the initial investment in ArborMaster’s services. Clients have cited:

  • 30% reduction in costs (loaded cost per tree worked)
  • 30% increase in productivity
  • Higher staff retention
  • Reduction in accidents
  • Increased profits

Other ROI results can include:

  • decreased worker’s comp premiums
  • decreased power outages due to trimming and/or removal
  • reduction in property damage
  • faster, more efficient crews
  • more satisfied customers

Clients consistently report a boost in worker morale, and an overall improved professional job environment.

Testimonials and case studies

"APS's safety record was deplorable. Within the first 10 months of transitioning to in-house crews we had 10 accidents. After our ArborMaster first training module took place in October 2004, we started to notice a difference in our crews' safety awareness. We went accident free for one year starting on April 20, 2004 to April 20, 2005." At APS, a 1% annual investment of tree trimming budget for ArborMaster yielded a reduced loaded cost per tree worked:

  • Pre-ArborMaster: $36.14
  • Post-ArborMaster: $25.22
  • Overall Cost reduction: 30.2%

Mike Neal, Manager of Forestry and Special Programs Past President of the International Society of Arboriculture

As reported, after ArborMaster was contracted to conduct the Davey Advanced Arborist Training Program for key foremen, Davey reported a 30% across the board increase in productivity after conducting a rigorous assessment of the impact of ArborMaster's program. (TCI Magazine — July 2002) Old School Versus New School

"I unequivocally endorse ArborMaster Training!"

  • Increased number of 'trees trimmed per day'
  • Higher staff retention & morale
  • Reduced accidents
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased worker's pay

Dr. David Marren, VP Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Bartlett Tree - .....read more

3. ArborMaster's Track Record

For more than a decade, ArborMaster has strived to be creative leaders in the tree care industry, integrating safety, skill, productivity solutions. Since our founding in 1995, we have had our finger on the pulse of arboriculture, the green industry, and related sectors. Over the years we have:

  • forged 16 + year partnerships with global companies such as Husqvarna, Vermeer, Sherrill Tree, Samson Rope, and Buckingham Manufacturing, with new partnerships added in 2009 with Silky and OREGON
  • worked on important initiatives such as NUCFAC, Manpower Tree Care TechReach sponsored by Vermeer
  • trained thousands of arborists to be safer, more skilled, and more productive
  • served on and chaired important industry association committees to develop and review safety standards
  • presented at hundreds of tradeshows, conferences, and expositions
  • gathered first-hand data from workers, management, and leadership on the challenges facing them on a day-to-day basis
  • developed over a dozen educational DVD's for arborists, collaborating with the International Society of Arboriculture, in climbing, chainsaw and rigging disciplines

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