" I've known Ken and Rip for a long time, and I've always respected their work. In 1999, as the Vice President of Bartlett's Utility Services Operations throughout the United States, I was seeing a drop in production and a rise in the frequency of accidents. While I felt that I had a solid safety and training program in place, my managers agreed that a different approach might be helpful. In the utility world of unit pricing, we felt that any improvement in the skill level of our crews would give us a competitive advantage. When I first sat down and explained my training needs to ArborMaster, it was clear that they were listening to my concerns and goals. Ken and Rip tailored a program to meet my specific needs, and implemented the training. I personally spoke with each individual who went through the training. It amazed me to see how they responded. I remember one crew leader telling me that it was the first time anyone had ever taken an interest in him. What I found even more interesting was the impact it had on the individuals who didn't attend the training. Everywhere I went, I saw people using the techniques. Numerous workers asked me if they would get a chance to go ArborMaster training. After hearing that in several different operations, I made up my mind to make this training a regular event. This investment paid off. I saw a substantial improvement in the amount of trees trimmed and removed each week, which on a unit job can mean thousands of dollars directly to the bottom line. In this business, sometimes we all focus on all the reasons why not to do something; instead of looking for reasons why to do it. I found a reason why to engage ArborMaster. My operation's morale improved, its safety improved, and it became more profitable. I hope that you find the same reason. Dr. Dave Marren, Bartlett Tree "

Dr. David Marren , VP Safety and Regulatory Affairs
Bartlett Tree

About Us

We Take Safety, Skill & Productivity Seriously



Since 1995, ArborMaster has been the leader in innovative safety, skill training, and workforce development, and is the premier provider of in-house, customized training programs and open-enrollment courses.

Founders Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins are internationally known arborists and green industry leaders.  They instill their passion for safety, skill development and productivity in all their associates and customers through their strong belief that mastering basic foundational skills first is the most effective long-term training investment a company or individual can make.

ArborMaster's Primary Objective and Mission:

  • Our primary objective is to provide exceptional quality education and training for professional people that work with, in, and around trees.
  • We always connect safety, skill, and productivity to our objectives because we believe all three must be directly integrated to achieve high-road professional success.
  • We achieve our mission by partnering with, and working alongside a wide variety of manufacturers and industry professionals as well as our clients, customers, family and friends.
  • ArborMaster uses specialized knowledge and experience in applying critical thinking and skilled decision making to tactics, technique and technology while systematically teaching and encouraging best-work practices.
Core Values:
  • Courage                                              
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

  • We are dedicated to the success of our clients by providing them with the best solutions available that are tailored to their needs and are the most cost effective without compromise.
  • One of our objectives is to help our clients directly connect business objectives to worker and work-force development initiatives.
  • We strive to inspire professionalism, pride and enthusiasm while promoting safety first through our decisions and actions, and to foster teamwork performance and communication.